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Nothing is more important that your family's security. Nowaday, you cannot be careful enough; a remote garage door openers keeps you safe inside your car, while your garage door is opening or closing. Call a High Quality garage Repairs technician, and let us help you pick the right garage door opener for your darage door type.
While the vast majority of garage door openers are specifically designed for overhead garage doors, there are a few companies that make garage door openers for sliding garage doors as well as swinging garage doors. Due do to the lack of manufacturers for sliding and swinging garage doors, these type of garage door openers are usually a little more expensive than garage door openers for overhead garage doors.
For more information on the many types and brands of garage door openers, or if you simply need recommendations on the best fit for your particular garage door.
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Garage Door repairs and garage door openers and springs repair and installation. Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Chain driven garage door openers.The least expensive type of garage door opener is the chain driven garage door opener that uses a metal chain to pull the door up.

Belt driven garage door opener works much like the chain driven opener, and it uses a belt in place of a chain. This type of garage door opener is the most popular, the most quiet and the more reliable. This garage door openers is a bit more expensive than the chain driven garage door opener.

The Jack shaft garage door openers are mounted on the wall on either side of the torsion bar.

Garage Door repairs and garage door openers and springs repair and installation

Screw driven garage door openers. The noisiest of all garage door openers the screw driven garage door open has a lifting device that runs on a threaded steel rod. It is the nosiest of all of the types of door openers and it best suited for areas where the temperatures are constant.

The Direct drive garage door opener, has its motor installed inside a trolley and uses a gear wheel to guide the trolley along a fixed chain.

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Garage Door repairs and garage door openers and springs repair and installation

We offer garage door maintenance services in the Area of Philadelphia. When you take advantage of our maintenance service, we regularly send a garage door technician out on scheduled inspections, to make sure your garage door and your garage door opener are in good working condition. This allows us to spot small problems, if any, and repair them on the spot before they become large problems. This service usually extends the life of your garage door.

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Cleaning the Roller and Tracks

While it is possible for you to clean the rollers and tracks safely yourself, there may be times when the tracks and rollers need to be serviced by a professional

garage door hinges replacement and maintenance

Broken or Worn Hinges

If you have a wooden garage door that is held in place with hinges those hinges can become worn from the weight of your garage door being opened and closed.


DIY Vs. Professional Repairs

Today there is a huge trend for homeowners to tackle all different types of repair work around their home on their own instead of hiring a professional.

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Excellent Warranty

We offer an excellent warranty on all jobs, so you can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our services. Our parts are the highest quality and fully guaranteed.

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3 Decades of Experience

When it comes to garage door repairs, experience counts, and it counts a whole lot. High Quality Garage Doors has over 3 decades of ...

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Fully Licensed and Insured

Hi Quality Garage Doors is fully licensed and insured in the Great States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We are a garage door installation and repair company.